What Others Are Saying

Reid Bruton is the fundamental center of gravity for an elite number of extremely gifted, career driven young singers in Los Angeles.


Without a doubt, Reid is the best singing teacher I've ever studied with. I cannot sing his praises highly enough.

Reid has been my rock, support and inspiration in my operatic career.

Reid is a master vocal technician. The pros go to him when they have plateaued in their vocal ability. With my 'new' voice, I was turning heads and landing more solos than ever. And I finally joined the big leagues.

His knowledge and understanding of the voice, technique and music is endless and he is able to explain every concept with many different approaches.

After just a few sessions with Reid, during which he had me make some adjustments to my technique, I felt I made a quantum leap. His gentle approach makes even the shyest, most neurotic singer feel good about their singing.

His ability to demonstrate healthy vocal production has allowed me to make strides in a matter of months that I had not made in years working with other teachers.

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